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Mom and I went to Boscov's (department store in the Pennsylvania/Mid-Atlantic area) to look at shoes.  I found a nice pair of dressy tan sandals I can wear with my outfit.  I could wear them again, to church, too, so they're not a one-time use sort of thing.

I paid for the cruise "fun-bucks" for J. and K.  I hope they do have fun with them.  It felt a little more personal than just giving them money, although I suppose it's not so very different.  I paid my phone bill and a credit card bill as well, so I have very little money left until the end of the month.  Then again, I should have very little in the way of expenses after the wedding.

The Herb Sale was pretty much the finish of my plant shopping for the year, except to get some replacements.  Something has eaten all of the dill and one of the heliotropes.  It's quite discouraging.  As I moved through the yard today, I could see rabbits bolting from cover to run to their rabbit holes.  I got the dill at the local garden center, so I can replace that easily enough.  I should be able to get heliotrope there as well.

On a brighter note, 'Mme. Zoetmans' is in full bloom.  'Kazanlik' has several flowers.  It must have been deer-pruned that one year it didn't have any blossoms, because it's blooming well this year.  I clipped the grass around the base of the little rose I'd forgotten the name of, and dug down to find the tag.  It's 'Leda'.  It had pink buds, but with the Old Garden Roses, that means it could either have pink or white flowers, or even be striped or marbled in those colors, depending on what rose it is.  'Leda' is a creamy-white rose with red at the ends of the petals.  I had 'Pink Leda' in a pot, but it died a couple of winters ago.  That one is pink with red-tipped petals.  Currently, 'Botzaris' is in full bloom and 'Maiden's Blush' has a few flowers open.  Both of them have very nice scents.  The Alba roses have a different kind of perfume than the Damask roses do, but it's quite pleasant in the fully double ones.

The Bourbon rose 'Mme. Ernst Calvat' is blooming.  It has a very good fragrance as well.  It's a sport from 'Mme. Isaac Pereire', which I also had.  I'm not sure what happened to that one, but it got cut off an inch or so from the base.  It sprouted a couple of bunches of leaves from what must have been very low leaf buds, then it died.  I'd try it again.  It's more of a raspberry color compared to the pink of 'Mme. Ernst Calvat', and it's supposed to have the best scent of all of the Bourbons.  I don't know why the original rose would have more scent than a color sport which has as many petals, but that's what people say.

Soap operas: I haven't seen Alles Was Zahlt yet, but I'll comment when I do.  I haven't been watching it in the original this week, just on Eskimo Kiss Project, and it makes no sense to watch out of order.  Added: Well, at least Katja did something besides crying.  I continue to love Roman-as-trainer.  He knows what he's doing, he cares about his skaters, and is just generally awesome.

There are "Making of the Essen Cup" videos up.  When I saw the EKP ladies said that the second one had Igor, Dennis and Ulli, I was really puzzled as to who Ulli was.  I knew it couldn't be the director, because his real name is Andreas-something.  I would certainly like to see him in front of the camera, rather than just knowing he's somewhere behind the scenes directing every few blocks.  It's a waste not to use him as an actor as well, and I hope the powers that be at AWZ realize that.  Ulli turned out to be Ulrike Roseberg, who plays Annette.

Nanna had a clip from today's episode of Verbotene Liebe up on her Ichglotzgerman channel.  Christian confirmed to Rebecca that David is in love with her.  I'll need to watch the whole episode now.  If Rebecca turns her attention to David, that will be a huge plus.  She's been crushing on Christian from months now.  Actually, it might be years.  Some fans even think the wrong woman got buried in concrete, and wish it had been Rebecca instead.  Christian hasn't been shown working with the horses too much lately, but when he's at the Schloss von Lahnstein, he's always wearing his riding boots and jodhpurs.  I believe I've noted (several times, even) what a sexy look that is on him.  I can enjoy that whether or not I understand too much of what he's saying.
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