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rainy weather

Well, I guess it's good for the plants we just planted.  It was raining pretty hard for large portions of the day.  I woke up at seven for no apparent reason.  I'd gone to bed around two (?).  I dozed until nine.  I was on the computer for a few hours, then put in an hour at the secondhand bookstore, getting the romance section all straightened out.

Three of the roses are in bloom, with several having buds showing color.  I'll have to tell the garden club ladies to feel free to drop by.  I'll pick more flowers from 'Mme. Zoetmans' and from the mystery pink rose tomorrow, if it's nicer out.  The White Rose of York is blooming just outside the kitchen window.  I shouldn't have planted it so close to the house, and some of its canes hang right over the outside faucet, but it's sure pretty to see it blooming like that.  It doesn't have a strong scent, but it's a pleasant one.  Last time I looked, 'Ispahan' had flowers just about ready to open.  It has so many flowers and buds that it can bloom for a good six weeks, so the rose books say.  It starts blooming fairly early, and keeps going longer than some that start later -- I know that.

Alles Was Zahlt: Roman had nasty stomach problems.  The EKP folks said it was from the "zombie yogurt" he ate.  Katja had recycled plot.  I liked Katja to start with, and it's nice that the actress can really skate, but she's been crying and whining so much lately.  Any little thing, and it's buckets of tears for her.  It's bad enough that Lena and Celine are criers.  Katja has been outdoing them.

Somehow I don't mind it when Roman cries.  He usually has good reasons for crying when he does it.  He's far more in touch with his emotions than the average man, and feels them deeply.  Sometimes he just gets misty-eyed, or has tears in his eyes, and I get woobie right along with him.  I don't know why I react so differently when it's him.

At some point when I feel ambitious, I'll watch yesterday and today's episodes of Verbotene Liebe, and see what I can make of them.  Yesterday's episode was supposed to have Olli in it.  I think Nanna is just saving up the short clips of Olli and Christian until she gets ten minutes worth or so.  Anthony Langford of AfterElton's Gays of Our Lives promises to do a two-part interview with Thore and Jo, starting next Tuesday.  I'm looking forward to that.

Added: Well, I got ambitious enough to watch Monday and Tuesday's episodes of Verbotene Liebe.  Tristan continues to be crazy in love with his sister -- and I do mean crazy -- and exceptionally creepy.  The actor must be pretty good to be able to do such a convincing job.  You can see how Tristan is lusting for his sister, but trying to hide it from her.  Other characters are starting to figure it out, though.  Helena's attachment to Tristan is just a little on the unhealthy side itself.  She chose to sleep in the same bed with him.  That's icky in itself, but given the way he was stroking her cheek and her hair, and barely refraining from kissing her on the lips, I was more icked out by him.

Nico continues to get close with her prince.  I'm fine with that.  They're not related, they have a reasonable amount of chemistry, they're both nice-looking, neither has that creepy-obsessive vibe too noticeably -- it's good.

Olli was trying hard to cheer up Andi.  Nanna said she's very bored with subtitling Olli and Andi scenes.  I would like to know what they said.  At least Olli is being sweet and compassionate with other characters, even if he completely loses that when he's with Christian.  I miss how sweet he was with Christian.  Christian loses his temper about Rob, but he loves Olli so much, and wants to protect him.  It was one thing when Olli kept a certain innocence, even though he'd been around the world and far from celibate.  Once he knew that Christian had been chatting with him online, he knew what was going on with Christian.  He was much smarter back then.  When Christian and Olli got together, Olli was so caring and nurturing towards Christian, which Christian desperately needed.  The guys at the boxing club were pegging Olli as gay because he was so attentive to Christian.  His devotion was the giveaway.  Christian was much better at hiding his devotion to Olli in public.  Once Christian outed himself, he showed his love and devotion to Olli just as plainly as Olli did with him.

During that boxing story, Olli stood up for himself.  He told Christian he was a grownup and could deal with all the homophobia he was getting, but he certainly wasn't a doormat about it.  Olli wasn't sweet and gentle towards the guys who were gay-baiting him.  He tried to rise above some of it, but he definitely had a limit to how much of that he was going to take.  I miss how he could handle himself and had a clue, and could set limits with people he wasn't in love with.

I think Anthony Langford is right in this week's Gays of Our Lives column (  Olli is acting completely out of character.  They're taking the character we love and making him unsympathetic.  He's lost so many of the qualities that were appealing to viewers.  I hope that they will give them back to him sooner rather than later.  Christian has been yelling and losing his temper a lot, but hasn't been so much out of character.  He knows what's going on.  He still shows his love for Olli.  Christian wasn't ever meant to be particularly intellectual, but he isn't getting dumbed down as badly as Olli is in this plot.  I'm just hoping this plot ends quickly, nobody cheats, the two of them get back together, and have good storylines in which they can be smart, loving, and work together to solve problems.
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