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Did not get to sleep last night, possibly because I was drinking caffeinated tea during the day yesterday.  Slept during the day today.  Continued to rant on AfterElton -- those poor guys.  The original poster was saying he was stunned to learn how many straight women read and write m/m romance, and I did a "We're not all straight" reply.  I have to remind myself that it's all new to many of them.  I tried to emphasize that the authors and readers are a diverse bunch, and said that the authors I talk to are very happy to get gay men reading their books.  Whenever I e-mail someone to tell them their book has hit the monthly bestseller list at Giovanni's Room, in the Gay Men's Interest part of the list, they're been thrilled to hear it.  It happened with all the Running Press M/M Romance books so far.  Erastes, Alex Beecroft, Lee Rowan and Donald Hardy were all overjoyed to hear that their books were popular there.

I mean, I could conceive of women possibly not wanting men to read stories written for women, but that's not the case at all with the online bunch of people I hang out with.  Completely the reverse, from what I hear from the authors.  I haven't heard from a terribly broad spectrum of readers, but most just seem happy when the authors they are fans of are doing well, no matter who's reading the books.  I would say at least three-quarters of the books I like I could see having equal appeal to gay men.  I am very happy myself if I hear that a book is popular with both men and women.

It was a "Monday work night" at the bookstore.  I went in, worked a bit, ordered Chinese food, went back to working on the biography and autobiography shelves, then had my food.  After that, I worked with E.M. on organizing a big sale of Danielle Steel books.  We have probably hundreds, and they're very slow to move.  We'll see if we can get Danielle Steel fans in if we have quite the bargain on them.  I went grocery shopping afterward, and got some marinated vegetables and stuffed grape leaves, and fruit.  I had some of the vegetables, then had strawberries and cream for dessert.  When I'm at the grocery store planning for my own dinners, I eat very well.

More ranting on m/m romance coming soon, I'm sure. 

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