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I should go to bed soon.

In the morning: I stayed up late, but got up at a relatively decent hour.

I made it to an appointment, got gasoline for the car, and went to the grocery store.  It was a pretty successful trip, aside from a torrential rainstorm on the way home.  I'd never driven in hail before.  I waited until the storm let up some, then dashed inside.

Later on, I went to a Harry Potter event.  It was through the local library, and held on the roof of a nearby Whole Foods.  The flyer at the library had read: "The Boy Who Lived On the Roof of Whole Foods."  That took me a while to figure out when I first saw it.  I made a button that read: "I Solemnly Swear That I Am Up to No Good" and a wand.  There was a trivia contest, and two girls sitting at the same table that I was invited me to join them.  It had been some time since I'd read the books, but I remembered some things.  The girl in the Griffyndor T-shirt remembered more than her companion and I did.

I live-texted J. about the button and making a wand.  He said it sounded like fun.

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