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reading classic lesbian romance novels

I had only read Odd Girl Out and Beebo Brinker out of Ann Bannon's "Beebo Brinker" series.  Now I've read the other three.  I think the most sympathetic character in the entire series is Jack Mann.  I suppose I would think that.  The women protagonists in the books do some awful things.  Granted, the times they lived in were horrible in a number of ways for lesbians (and for gay men, for that matter).  But still.  Not that some of their choices don't strike me as what women might have done in those sorts of situations.  It's been some time since I read Odd Girl Out -- I'll have to reread it sometime.  In the books I've just read, Laura keeps a lot of her integrity.  The ending of Women in the Shadows seemed to me to be the most hopeful ending in the series.  *Spoiler alert*  Jack and Laura got married on their own terms, neither trying to give up being gay.  Way to beat the system, I thought.  What would I have done in those days?  I'm sure I would have acted much like I do now -- outwardly conforming more or less, inwardly feeling ambivalent about that.  I might not have realized as clearly that I'm bi.  Probably not, if I hadn't had the opportunities to learn about sexual orientation and my lack thereof.  I'm grateful that I've have as many choices in my life as I've had, though I could wish I hadn't had quite so many people tell me that I had to make a choice one way or the other.  But I appreciate the various kinds of support I've gotten from others in the GLBT community.  And I'm glad to have some chances to give something back. 
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