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S.D.'s granddaughter, H., came over to do gardening work.  We weeded out a lot of pots and half the herb garden.  A lot of the soapwort (saponaria) broke off at the base of the stem, and we didn't get the root, so that will all come back.  At least it's clear aboveground there for the moment.  All I wanted to keep on that side was the orris and the elecampane.  The elecampane ended up in the front on that side -- it must have seeded there.  I'm sure I originally planted it in the back of the garden.  The White Rose of York is in back of it, and that's about the same height as the elecampane gets to, so it's not like you can't see the plant behind it.  The White Rose of York is starting to bloom.

H. and I planted some of the scented-leaf geraniums, and some of the bronze-leaved begonias.  We planted the two tradescantia with plain leaves on either side of the one with lime-colored leaves.  We planted the native lily and the red-and-yellow columbine.  Since the Brandywine Conservancy people weren't sure which kind of native lily it was (the tags for them had faded), they have the label saying it could get from three to eight feet high.  It's about six inches high at the moment, and will take several more years to be of a size to bloom anyway -- if it doesn't get eaten.  It's either a Turk's cap lily or a Canada (?) lily.  I guess I'll know in a few years, depending on whether it's three feet tall or eight feet tall.  That's quite the possible height range.

I asked the folks on the m/m romance group to go recommend books to the readers at AfterElton.  No-one went.  The list has been just about dead lately except for the occasional new book announcement.  Yes, I'm planning to get In and Out.  I'll get it the very next time I shop at Aspen Mountain Press.  James went over to make recommendations.  I was tempted to post, "AfterElton, meet James.  Heheheh."  I managed to refrain.  As I commented on my last post, I was unable to keep myself from recommending some fantasy novels I liked to Kitty.  (  I'm trying so hard not to hijack that thread, but have "my people" do it for me instead.  My people are not responding as I hoped they would.  James made good recommendations, though.  I was also tempted to put in a "yay" for the mention of Victor Banis, who was writing pulp fiction in the bad old days and is still going strong.  If I could figure out how to start a forum there, I'd do one on gay pulp fiction.  Not that I know a whole lot, but I know enough to get a discussion going.  Teddypig, where are you?  Help me out here.

I think "writervincent" from Tampa, Fla., who's on the m/m romance group, must be Vincent Diamond.  I want to pimp his stories, too.  I love the Steven and Conrad ones.  They were some of my favorite stories in the Best Gay Romance anthologies, and I was very happy to find them collected in the book Rough Cut.  I'll have to see what else Vincent has written.

Lisabea, go admit to writing "trashy romance" and pimp yourself out over at AfterElton.  Or have Kris do it for you, I don't care.  I think the guys meant "trashy romance" in a fond sense.  Tell them Emilie sent you. (kidding!)  I'd just like to see a good long list of recommendations.


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