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I went to bed a couple of hours earlier than I have been, and woke at 6:00 a.m.

I made mint tea from the apple mint by the path to the house.  I ordered some iris rhizomes from the Historic Iris association sale.  Some of the rhizomes were of cultivars introduced in this century, so not really that old.  I mostly ordered older ones, some from the 1800s.  I don't seem to be a fan of the sort that has very ruffled petals.  I like certain colors, though.  I got pink and peach-colored cultivars, and blue, yellow and purple ones. 

After I finished making the tea, I took a nap for a while.  When I got up, Mom and I watched the movie "Apollo 13."  We knew when we started the movie that the astronauts would make it back home, but Mom still got teary near the end.

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