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D.S. called to cancel on my first German lesson.  We'd set it up for today, but she had a lot going on with workmen at her house, and needing to pick up things.  We rescheduled for Wednesday afternoon.  Our cleaning lady had recommended her granddaughter to do weeding and light yardwork, so I called her Friday.  She's coming tomorrow.

I got an editing job, again one I specially asked for among the choices.  This is the third in Lena Austin's Coyotes of Yellowstone series.  It's such a cute series!  I love the were-coyote characters.  As tired as I get with shapeshifters, she makes it fresh.

It was a nice day today, and I got out for a little bit to smell the roses, and consider again what I'd like to plant where.  I have pots picked out for most of my herbs.

I went shoe-shopping with Mom, as my brother is getting married next Saturday.  She found a good pair of shoes to wear with her garnet dress.  I wanted a pair of dressy flats, but didn't find any that I liked and that fit.  It's hard to find six-and-a-half-sized shoes.  I'll probably go shopping again on Monday.  I talked to S. about really getting him started on watching the German soaps, as he's mostly just seen key episodes.  We have tentative plans to do that Monday afternoon, depending whether he has to look after his sister.

One of the readers on AfterElton started a forum asking if anyone had m/m romance recommendations.  I had much to say.  He'd already found some of the authors I would have recommended, and other people had recommended more of the writers I would have recommended.  I said that I worked for Jordan, and recommended James' and Syd McGinley's books, and the usual suspects for historicals (Erastes, Alex Beecroft, Lee Rowan, and Charlie Cochrane).

I posted again with a link to the Fiction With Friction website, and suggested talking to reviewers, too.  I put links to Obsidian Bookshelf, Jessewave and Elisa Rolle, and linked to The Naughty Bits, saying that Teddypig provided recommendations, too.  Well, he does.  The original poster had already discovered Josh Lanyon, and one of the replies mentioned The Tin Star and The Broken H, so J.L. Langley got her fan representation.  I think it just proved Teddypig's point about The Tin Star being a bestseller at gay bookstores.  Depending whether people seem to like those posts, I'll put some more recommendations up.  I might put a couple up for the person who said she liked stories with elves and dragons and other magical creatures.  I really liked Willa Okati's Dragon series.  Another I liked was her Screen Shots series, which is not fantasy in that sense, although it is certainly a fantasy on a more real world level.  Tomcat Jones was cute, too.  She's on Fiction With Friction, so anyone who goes there can see what she's written.  I'm curious to see what else people have to say.  The editors of AfterElton may pick up on this as a little pop culture phenomenon in its own right.


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