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I was planning to go to bed around 1:00 a.m, but I ended up going to bed closer to 2:00 a.m.

I ended up going to see Dr. M., the dermatologist, for the sore places on my legs and my dry hands.  He prescribed creams and ointments for me.  I had called in the morning, and they had an appointment in the late afternoon.

Mom and I went out after that.  I got gas.  Mom and I stopped at the library so she could get books she had on hold.  I'd left the prescriptions home, so that part of the trip where I planned to drop off prescriptions didn't go as planned.  We picked up dinner at Wendy's.

After dinner, I went out again.  I dropped off the prescriptions for the dermatology ointments.  I went to Marshall's and looked around.  I was going to get something, but the check-out line was enormous when I went up there.  I put it back where I found it.  I went to the Indian grocery and got sweets and lychee nuts.

I was going to go home a back way, but as I left that shopping center, I saw a couple of fawns standing on the grassy verge down the hill from all the housing construction.  I thought at first they were statues, because they stood so still and looked like they'd been sculpted.  They were very beautiful.  Each dapple mark was perfect, but the coloring made me decide that they were live animals.  I decided to go to Walmart and go home from there on a relatively main road.  I got stuff I needed from Walmart, and texted with A. some while waiting on a long line.  I told him about the fellow ahead of me who was balancing a couple of bags of chips on his head.  The cashier recognized me from long ago.  I had recognized her when I first saw her working at Walmart.

After I got home, I talked to A. for quite some time, catching him up on the craziness of my life this past couple of weeks.

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