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today's soap operas

Well, so far I've watched them on RTL and Das Erste respectively.  Jo Weil wasn't even in the Verbotene Liebe credits, but Olli was in the episode.  Christian was sort of a background person for parts of it, but he was in it as well.  I hope to get the translations of what they say today, but perhaps Nanna will save it up until there are a few minutes of them really interacting before she does subtitles.  I'll check tonight on her channel.  The guys were much easier around each other -- there was much less tension.  Olli asked for a kiss, and got two.  That was so good to see.  Added: Deepdarkmidnight got the kisses up on his channel, with subtitles, even.  I knew I was right about Olli asking for a kiss from Christian.  Further added: It's the little things about the way they show affection, the way they touch showing so plainly how much they care about each other, the way Olli's eyes shine when Christian kisses him, the way they take comfort from each other.  I love them as a couple. 

Alles Was Zahlt:  I'll have much more to say when I see the subtitles, but Roman and Deniz were heavily featured in the episode.  There was some Katja/Isabelle fighting, which Katja provoked by going on and on when Isabelle was just going to ignore her, do her thing, and leave the locker room.  There was some Jenny/Axel fighting which Simone was delighted to see.  There wasn't much of Zoe, except that she was mooning over Florian.  Someone should warn the boy that she'll be nothing but whiny trouble.  Florian and Deniz talked, Deniz and Roman talked, Roman and Florian talked -- and I'll comment about it all when I understand exactly what they were saying.

Added: So far, Florian doesn't seem so bad.  He gets along all right with Deniz, and he seems to be a nice enough kid.  If he refrains from making homophobic remarks, even Roman may grow to like him eventually.  I'm curious to see how that goes.  Marc wasn't in this episode, which I was glad about, although Roman was mooning around rather than watching Katja do her ballet practice.  That was more of a Mike-like thing to do, be preoccupied by anything but your skaters.  Roman paid attention to Katja when she was skating though, so he was in good-trainer mode there.  It's cool that Roman's getting a family, even if he doesn't think it's cool.  It gives depth to the character's background, as revisionist as all this history is.

EKP also had the video of the RTL feature about the event.  I was in it for a moment.  They talked over me, but I think that was my sentence about being bisexual.  Now all the RTL viewers know.  Way to out myself to Germany.  The only real-life people who don't know here are a couple of religious friends, the senior citizens at the secondhand bookstore, and the senior citizens of the garden club, though some in the latter two groups have gotten the idea that I'm gay-friendly.  The university students know, and my folks know.  I'll tell the students if there's a subtitled version, so they can watch the feature.

I called S. to tell him I was out to all of Germany now.  He said he was out to Mexico from telling his stories about his relationships to his Mexican-American friends, and having them tell their families.  Somehow my secret love child always has a story to match or top mine. 
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