neyronrose (neyronrose) wrote,

working on downloading videos

I was up very late last night -- well, until close to dawn -- working on downloading the videos of the GOOL event Saturday sessions.  I installed MegaManager so the videos would download faster, as they kept timing out.  I had to log in as Dad to do the network administration, but I figured it out.  Then I tried to switch back, and had to work out how to close the program on Dad's side of things.  Eventually, I ended up turning the computer off and back on, which solves so many things.  I should have thought of that much sooner.  I got the program working on my side, and downloaded some more videos.  I e-mailed the GOOL folks about not being able to access some of the videos, and they said to cut and paste the address, which seems to be working.  I should get most of the ones I want downloaded today or tomorrow.
Tags: soap opera event

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