neyronrose (neyronrose) wrote,

anything else in the garden?

I know, I said I needed to plant everything I've gotten so far this spring, and that's true.  There are a couple more things on my lists of plants I've enjoyed.  [Large independent garden center] had a nice variety of good-sized fuchsias, $25 for a hanging basket.  I managed to contain myself at the time.  I don't like the red-and-purple ones, but I like the pink and white, and the red and white.  I may look in the Plant Delights catalog for smaller and less expensive ones.  Lemon grass is the other thing I'll pick up somewhere sooner or later.  Old Garden Roses I don't have yet, or killed off and want to try again, are always on my list.  It doesn't smell good, but I like lantana.  It attracts butterflies and hummingbirds.  I like the classic orange and yellow, though the pink would probably attract the pollinators too.  I have four o'clock seed, so I'll plant that.  It didn't open until ten or eleven o'clock this past summer, and while I'm awake at that hour, I'm not out in the backyard.

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