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Backdating...I thought I'd made some entry on Friday, but apparently not.

I got up mid-morning.  Mom and I went to the outlets in Lancaster County to go shopping.  Mom like Alfred Dunner clothes.  Their summer outfits were very cute, but made of polyester or rayon or other artificial fibers, not cotton or linen.  Mom figured that the fabrics wouldn't really breathe in hot weather, but she did end up getting a pair of pants.  I didn't get anything there.  My shopping in the Vanity Fair store was quite successful.

We stopped at a farm stand that Mom likes on the way back, and got strawberries and strawberry-rhubarb pie.  I got a couple of small bottles of lemonade.  We picked L.M. up on the way back home.

It was raining quite hard when I drove to the Friday Night Friends night in.  L.M. had brought a jacket.  I had an umbrella in the car.  The rain had let up by the time we got to the Y, fortunately.

The news was that A.J. had had a heart attack, which was upsetting.  Otherwise it was a fairly regular night.  We ended up watching the movie "Aladdin," which I hadn't seen before.

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