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getting towards the last of the plant sales

Set my alarm early, but I fell asleep at four-something, and couldn't get up four hours later.  I turned the alarm off when it started ringing.  Then I woke at ten-thirty, when the herb sale starts at ten.  I figured I'd go see what was left.  Several of the long tables that go in a curve across one side of the field were completely empty, with little groups of plants left in various spots on a few of the tables.  I looked at the other square of tables first, where the scented geraniums and ornamental sages are.  They had quite a lot of scented geraniums left -- I was surprised.

I got a lemon (crispum) one -- that was high on my list.  I got a Rober's lemon-rose, a nutmeg, I think a ginger (the tag got lost somewhere between that table and home), and a rose one with a nice light scent -- it's definitely not "graveolens."  They had pineapple sage left on the other side of those tables, and I got two.  This time I'll have to plant them by a path so we can enjoy them.  Last year I planted them in rather out of the way places.

I went over to see what was left on the herb tables.  They had some basil left, but I'd just gotten basil, which the slugs are quickly eating.  I need to plant it somewhere warm and dry.  I got a couple of calendula and a couple of purple heliotrope.  Then I got to the "L" section.  The volunteer lady said, "We've got a lemon balm, a lemon verbena, and a couple of lovage."  I really liked having lovage, though I think it got swallowed by the weeds in the herb garden.  But the leaves are really good with bagels and cream cheese.  So I got one of those. 

I moved along, past the mints -- the empty flat I'd brought with me was getting quite full.  I saw the lady I'd taken a couple of herb gardening classes with, A.B.,  and said hello.  A. said she'd just finished teaching a class.  I told her I'd enjoyed the classes quite a lot.  She said she'd been teaching them for twenty years.  I talked to her about rosemary, which was the section where she was.  I ended up getting a prostrate one, 'Mrs. Howard's Creeping' rosemary.  I'll see if I can get it to spill over the side of one of the big pots.  As I moved along, a volunteer said to a couple of us late shoppers, "Do you have some thyme?"  I took a look.  "There are all kinds.  I see you like the flowering plants."  Two or three of the geraniums I'd gotten were in flower.

"No, I like all kinds of herbs."

"There's some English thyme left.  Those are the culinary ones, and down here are the ornamental ones."  I rubbed the leaves of the caraway thyme, but I couldn't figure out what you'd cook with it.  My tray was really full already, so I ended up not taking the thyme.

I had tried to resist looking at the roses, I really had.  I figured I'd go see what was left over there.  Among the variety, they still had a few plants of the old Hybrid Perpetual 'General Jacqueminot' and the Damask 'Celsiana'.  I haven't had much luck with 'Celsiana'.  One got planted very late, and another got planted on an anthill, so it wasn't exactly the fault of the plants.  R.F., the rose lady, assured me that it really was very hardy, and that she had one in a shady area on a shale hill, and it did well.  I broke down and got it.

I checked out, and found that I actually had stayed within my budget, despite my acquisitiveness regarding the scented-leaf geraniums.   Well, I got ones with nice scents, and a nice variety.  I'll put them in medium-sized pots and see how they do.  I watered all my new little plants when I got home.  Some were very dry from being out in the sun.  It had rained yesterday, so my other herbs didn't really need watering.  Something is eating the dill, which is in a pot at least two feet high.  I'll have to spray it with Deer-Off.

I think I've gotten just about everything that was on my lists, fragrant, culinary, ones you can make tea with...The only thing I didn't get was lemon grass, and I didn't really do anything with that last year.  But I've managed to make quite the collection of herbs and flowering plants, with the occasional shrub thrown in.  Now it's time to plant them all. 
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