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Tuesday's soap operas

*assorted spoilers for the shows*

Alles Was Zahlt: Roman had kind of a bad day.  He should have told Deniz the truth, but that would have ruined several months of plot.  I didn't see yesterday's full episode, but I watched today's.  I think it would have made more sense if I'd watched them in order.  Apparently there's a lot of conflict between Alicia -- er, Isabelle -- and Katja.  At least it seemed to be a Zoe-free episode, though Isabelle's getting pretty annoying.  She and Ben fell in love in one day, and didn't even get to have a honeymoon phase before Isabelle started getting "stroppy" (I think it was Aldi's word) about Katja.  I fast-forwarded through a lot of Ben and Isabelle fighting.  I practically cheered when Ben kissed Katja.  I'm upset when Deniz cheats on Roman back when, I'm upset when Marc and Roman kiss, but I was glad about the start of the Katja/Ben/Isabelle triangle.  I just hope Isabelle disappears soon.  I'm very curious about Florian, who appeared at the end of the episode.  I hope to hell he isn't as bratty as Zoe is, or it's going to really cut into my enjoyment of the Roman scenes.

Verbotene Liebe: Olli had a pretty bad day, too.  Rob told Olli that he can't work with him because he loves him.  If Olli actually believes that, he will be continuing his streak of being dumb as a box of rocks.  Meanwhile, Christian is trying so hard to fix things for Olli, and I have a feeling he'll get no appreciation for it.  I miss the days of the more intelligent Olli.  I mean, I want Christian and Olli to have storylines, but I want for both characters to realize what's going on through the course of the story, and it would be really nice to see them working together to solve problems, as they have in the past.  But they should at least have a clue.

I commented a couple of times on AfterElton today, on this week's column of Gays of Our Lives (  One comment was on AWZ, one was on VL.  At least I'm being equal there so far.

I finally broke down and watched a few minutes of the Reid/Luke/Noah thing on Anthony's clips of As the World Turns.  I skipped the Noah parts, because he's a pretty bad actor.  The actor who plays Luke is fairly decent for an American soap opera actor.  I had watched a clip from back when Luke and Noah first kissed, which was apparently groundbreaking in its day.  Sometime shortly after that, conservative Christians were outraged, and they went more than a year between kisses.  I think that's the story.  I don't think they were ever shown having a love scene, though they lived together.  Perhaps the show is getting more daring now that they've been canceled anyway -- like in a "what can they do to us?" kind of way, because not only did Reid and Luke kiss, but Reid was starting to unbutton Luke's shirt.  I believe that's more than Luke and Noah ever did, but I'm not sure.  It's got to be close.

AfterElton had a "compare and contrast" article about Luke and Noah and Christian and Olli, with clips of Christian and Olli's second love scene, when they admit they're in love with each other.  (They posted about it that night -- April of 2008?  Christian and Olli had kissing, and taking each other's shirts off, and were in their boxers afterwards.  As one of the commenters said, there was nothing stopping them from sharing a bed after that.  And indeed, that's exactly what happened.  Olli just started sleeping in Christian's bed.  They continued to do much more than sleep.  Their friends and families started to find out that they were a couple.  Eventually pretty much all of Dusseldorf learned that they were a couple.  They acted like any other couple, big on the public displays of affection once Christian came out.
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