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Note: Backdated because I forgot to do a Tuesday LJ entry.

I got up for the day at 11:00 a.m.  I really need to do better.

Mom and I went to the library and to Walmart.  At the library, I got an enormous book about the history of Hasidism.

Otherwise, I had a pretty quiet day.  I cut some double daffodils that had fallen over and added them to the vase of daffodils that had had their stems smushed by B.G.'s van.  I had hoped that the 'White Lion' daffodils would be held up by the fencing around them, but that didn't really happen.  The 'Butter-and-Eggs' daffodils were also falling over.

'Erlicheer' and 'Yellow Cheerfulness' are starting to bloom.  I think they bloom later in the daffodil season anyway, but the daffodils on the hill were also delayed by having mulch on top of them.  The tips of the leaves of the 'Erlicheer' daffodils were frostbitten from a late snow we had.  The colchicum's leaves also got frostbitten at the tips, but the leaves are well on their way up and look healthy aside from that.

A tulip is starting to bloom.  It's orange inside.  I'm not sure if it's a 'Generaal de Wet' tulip or a 'Prince of Austria' tulip.  I think it's at least a little fragrant, but it was hard to tell when I was leaning over on the hill.

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