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a melange

And a melange is a mixture.  One meaning is coffee with milk.  I tried a little of the Kahlua Mudslide today.  It's not bad, but I think I like the T.G.I. Friday's version better.  The Friday's version probably has a lot more sweetener in it.

The link to download the DVD quality videos of the Gays of Our Lives event came today.  I started downloading, and it was very slow.  I hope I don't crash the computer with all the kilobytes or megabytes or whatever that these videos take.  After three videos, I reached the limit of downloading a day.  I got the premium version of the Megaloader, which I will never use again after this, so I could download more videos today.  It's still slow as molasses, and it's supposed to be the quick version.  If I wasn't impatient, I could have saved that ten dollars, and just done three videos every twenty-four hours.

I went to the bookstore after I'd played with the videos for a good while.  There had been a ton of book donations, judging from the piles of boxes and bags, and from what the other volunteers told me.  I put away a big bag and a box.  The bag was mostly mysteries, and the box was of classics.  I was getting very congested, and my eyes started to itch.  C. said she thought we'd gotten a lot of dusty donations today.  The way my sinuses felt definitely led me to agree.

I was out for a little bit to smell the roses, but it was already sprinkling by the time I got back from the bookstore, so I didn't stay out long.  It's raining quite hard now, which means I don't need to water my little plants in pots tomorrow.  It might be a good day to do some weeding and plant those little plants.

Kris had a link to a reflection about authors behaving badly in quite the assortment of ways:  I commented on Kris' blog (  Sometimes you see very plainly in a book that it's an "author working out issues by writing" sort of thing.  I'm sure there are many instances of this that I'm oblivious to in my reading, but if even I notice it, it's pretty bad.  The other but often related issue that gets me along this line is the author being anvilicious ( about an issue -- political, social, religious, whatever.  Going way tangential now...I had guessed correctly about Lisabea's religion from things she said on Nose in a Book and events in her first Men of Smithfield book, but she certainly doesn't use her books to push religion.  Then again, you're not supposed to be terribly pushy about religion if you are a member of that particular religion.

I read inspirational romances, too -- go figure.  I like the ones about the Amish, living in southeastern Pennsylvania as I do and knowing that if I travel for a bit, I can see horses and buggies on the road, and barns with hex signs.  Apparently the Amish don't like the inspirational romances, as they're used to further a more evangelical Christian agenda.  I find the details of daily life when you don't use electricity or other modern inventions to be fascinating.  I know that the most the characters might do at the end is kiss, after they're already engaged or just about to be.  Also, that possible kiss will come after much discussion about heavenly love.  If it's a family saga sort of series, the characters in the first book have three or five babies in the next book, so apparently they figure it out.

As I try to figure out what the hell I was talking about...and I *hate* it when writers do that in a book...Any author who writes a scene, then has a "What just happened?" question, particularly if it's the author asking and not one of the characters, goes on my "to rant about" list.  "What did just happen?" is even worse.  If the author has no idea what happened, how is the reader supposed to?

Even with a "homophobia is bad" message, I like the author to have a relatively light touch with it, to show it rather than tell me about it.  Some m/m romance writers have no freaking clue about homophobia, and portray it in a very simplistic way, as something that's solved in a few paragraphs, or have the characters deal with it for the whole book to the exclusion of anything else -- well, anything else except having sex.  Not that I'm any big expert.  I just know what people tell me, and from reading non-fiction and having my own issues.  I feel qualified enough to judge fiction, at least in my own places.  I have equally opinionated people who will tell me if they think I'm wrong.

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