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I lay on the couch for a while at night.  I got up at 6-something.  My gastrointestinal distress continues.

Later: I talked with Mom, and made an appointment at Urgent Care.  Mom took me there.  The Urgent Care people sent me to the ER for rehydration.  Mom drove me there, too.  We were there for some hours.  They gave me saline solution through an IV and an anti-emetic, and ran various tests.  They also gave me potassium, because that was low.  I felt less shaky after some of the saline solution had gotten into my system, and my heart rate slowed down.  It wasn't that bad after I'd gotten some relief from the dehydration and gotten the anti-emetic.  I got to pet Bailey the therapy dog, an elderly cocker spaniel.  That was definitely the highlight of my stay.

Worst birthday ever, though, out of all the birthdays of mine I can remember.

I got home with a couple of hours of daylight yet.  I walked around the yard.  The winter honeysuckle still has lots of flowers.  The 'King Alfred' daffodils are blooming.  The hyacinths are starting to bloom.

I had been keeping J. somewhat updated.  I texted more with him after I got home.  I decided that I was going to pick another day in April and pretend that that was my birthday this year.  This day definitely needs a redo.  I texted a bit with A. as well.  He also thought that I deserved a redo for my birthday.

Mom and I watched "Call the Midwife."

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