neyronrose (neyronrose) wrote,

later in the day

I should be satisfied that it was a good day.  I talked to friends in real life and online friends.  I got outside to my roses, and worked on them a little.  I'm happy to have flowers blooming, and my growing collection of herbs.  I got Mom a nice card and a present she liked -- a gift certificate to a large local independent bookstore.  I'm concerned because money that should have gotten to me on Saturday hasn't gotten here yet, and I have bills to pay.  I got out twice today, to the grocery store and to pick up dinner, and I worked outside with the plants, so it wasn't like I didn't leave the house today.

I got through the blizzard-like conditions early this year quite well.  I had plenty of editing and proofreading to do, and was happy to be warm, and have a good amount of food in the house.  I was able to do a little online e-book shopping, and found a couple of new things by authors I like.  I didn't mind not being able to go anywhere for three days in a row, either time.  Then again, I was also trying hard to get caught up on two soap operas, so I was pretty busy that way as well.  I was talking to P. and S. in real life, and to online friends and bloggers.  I don't know why today, when I had so much more freedom and was able to do so much more, I don't feel really content.

Well, I'll find things to do tomorrow -- probably put in a couple of hours at the secondhand bookstore, go to the bank to see if that money came, finish up two or three of this week's editing and proofreading jobs, and maybe plant some of those herbs.

Tags: rambling

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