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Sunday so far

Got a couple of things at the grocery store, including heavy cream.  I seem to be keeping a pretty regular supply of it on hand, between drinking Kahlua and cream and using it on cereal and with berries.  Dad was planting the pink and white impatiens he'd gotten in the front yard where the big chokecherry tree was.  He was talking about planting the spicebush in place of an azalea that had been pretty well crushed on one side by that overgrown arborvitae.  I told him to check the tag for how tall it was supposed to grow before he put it right in front of the house.   He said ten or twelve feet.  I just checked online, and one source says three meters, which I'm sure is well over ten feet.

I went over to look at 'Mme. Zoetmans'.  I saw the couple of blooms which were half-open, then started pruning out deadwood.  I found a mostly-open flower on the north side of the bush, near the magnolia (Magnolia x soulangeana).  I cut that, and put it in a little container of water I'd brought out with me.  I looked for other fragrant or currently flowering things to put in with it, but I didn't want the scents of the cooking herbs clashing with the Damask rose scent.  I picked a stem of spearmint, and a stem of bee balm, then took a small branch of sweet briar (the sweet briar leaves are said to have a green apple fragrance).  I took some of the leftover bits of oasis I'd gotten for those May baskets, and put them in a little aluminum pie plate.  Then I stuck in the flower and the fragrant leaves.  So you have the Damask rose fragrance from a little distance, and then mint and apple scents if you rub the leaves that are also in there.

The purple iris is still blooming, and the blue flag iris has a couple of open flowers.  It really loves it there where the pipe from the gutter drains off.  I try to water it whenever I can, too.  It's a wetland plant, so I put it there with that in mind.  The cardinal flower is over there, too.  It doesn't bloom every year, and sometimes Dad takes it out with the lawnmower, but it's pretty when it does flower.

The miniature rose inside looks like it's getting chlorotic.  Some of the leaves are going very pale green.  I'll put it outside soon.  I found the label for it the other day when I turned it around, and it says it's a "Patiohit" rose.  Considering its size, that makes more sense.  Patio roses are roughly midway in size between miniature roses and floribunda roses.  It will be fine in a pot, but it will be a bigger pot than I'd put a miniature rose in.

It was cold today, so I didn't spend that long outside, but if it's warmer tomorrow, I'll spend some time outside. 
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