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busy Saturday

Not a terrible amount of traveling, but enough travel, and some running around.  I went to the camera shop to pick up my pictures made from digital images, and my CD of scanned pictures.  They're gorgeous.  Well, the guys are gorgeous.  I had my eyes closed when I was in the DeRo sandwich, but I was smiling.

I sent the pictures off to Kris when I got home, then headed down to the Brandywine River Museum for the Brandywine Conservancy's native plant sale.  I called home about getting a witch hazel to go in the place the huge chokecherry that partly hung over the driveway used to be.  Unfortunately, Mom answered the phone, and Dad was outside.  She said to not get any trees, that she didn't want any more trees in the front yard.  We only have the two magnolias in the front yard currently.  Witch hazels don't get that big, from what I understand.  Some spread out, but they certainly wouldn't get as tall as the chokecherry, or drop little chokecherries all over the place.

So once again, I didn't get any trees.  I would have liked to get a witch hazel.  I got a spicebush, which is supposed to be attractive to spicebush swallowtails.  I wouldn't mind getting more pretty butterflies around here.  We get tiger swallowtails sometimes.  There are a few kinds of butterflies which have caterpillars which eat violet leaves, so we have those butterflies around.

I got a native columbine, the red-and-yellow variety.  I like the Rocky Mountain columbines, which are the blue and white, but the Conservancy seems to mostly have East Coast plants.  I got a 'Purple Dome' aster, which is a cultivar, but a hardy cultivar of a native aster.  I got a lily which is either a Turk's cap lily or a martagon lily.  They couldn't read the writing on the tags, but they knew it was an American lily.  It will either be scentless or have a not-so-pleasant scent, most likely be red, and have fully reflexed petals.  They are pretty, both kinds, so I'll see what it is.  I got a pink turtlehead.  The flowers do look rather like turtleheads.  It's supposed to spread, so I'll make sure to put it somewhere where it has room to spread without running over other plants.  I got iris cristata.  I'm not sure if it's a dwarf kind, or if it's just naturally short.  It looked like the flowers were a medium blue, and of the classic cristata shape, of course.

The purple German iris at home is in full bloom.  The orris is over, but I'm enjoying the purple one for itself.  The blue flag iris has maybe a dozen buds.  Pretty good for still being in a small pot.  It's got to be super-hardy.  I didn't miss as much of 'Mme. Zoetmans' blooming as I had thought.  It didn't look like any of the flowers had fully opened yet, although there were a couple of half-open flowers.  There are lots of buds, some ready to open, and some just showing color.  It generally blooms in sprays of three, so I'd lose the two smaller buds if I cut the top bloom off and included a decent-sized stem.  I usually either cut off a blossom very short, to save the other buds, or wait until the top bloom has gone by and the lower flowers are sufficiently open.  As long as the sepals are down, the rose flower keeps opening after you cut it.
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