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Friday's soap operas

Well, I sent an e-mail to Lisabea ( asking her why we weren't seeing posts about her new secret gay boyfriend.  And lo and behold, she did a post today filled with love for Dennis G. and filled with angst for the trouble coming for Deniz and Roman.  I'm sure she was planning to do the post anyway.

When I get my photos on CD, and then computer, so I can e-mail them, I'll send them to Lisabea, and ask her to tell my story in between the photos, when she gets the chance.  The Friday of the GOOL event, I got a picture with Igor, who I occasionally get fangirly about.  Sunday, I got my "We love Kris" pictures with Dennis G., then went over to what some of the EKP folks seem to think of as "That Other Show" by getting pictures of myself with Jo Weil and with Thore Scholermann.  I occasionally get fangirly about them, too.  Then I flipped again, and got pictures of me between Dennis and Igor (*faints* -- actually, consider me to have fainted on all of those occasions).  I'd put in my explanation about how I can appreciate two couples on their own merits -- and four men for their beauty and acting skills.  The actors were all so gracious, too.

Back to the actual soap operas, Alles Was Zahlt's Roman/Deniz/Marc scenes rocked.  I didn't think that Roman and Marc had that much chemistry, but they had it today.  Damn it.  All of today's scenes with any of the three actors had breathtaking love and lust and angst and being torn, all conveyed in glances and touches and just enough dialogue -- really good dialogue.  Reports are that the sex scenes were censored, but they were still pretty hot.  I'd love to see the director's cut, though.

Alles Was Zahlt is apparently known for being a fairly raunchy show as soap operas go.  They've certainly showed a lot of Richard and Celine, and of Lena and Max.  I recently read that RTL was a little notorious in their earlier days for showing soft-core porn at eleven o'clock on Saturday (?) nights.  I guess they can't be quite that explicit at seven o'clock.  They've implied several varieties of sex on AWZ.  The "Celine giving Richard a blowjob" scene icked me out completely.  Celine riding Richard and showing flashes of breast seemed rather explicit to me.  Max and Lena broke in the kitchen counter at the Steinkamp villa not so long ago, and that was pretty wild.

I wouldn't have said that Deniz and Roman's love scenes have been particularly more or less explicit than the straight sex scenes, from what I've seen.  I may be reading into it, but there's the suggestion that they switch, and more than a suggestion that they're pretty creative.  Roman's dream sequence today showed flashes that implied much.  I still think that Deniz and Roman have the most chemistry by a wide margin over any other couple on the show.  As I said on Nose in a Book, the actors are all bringing it to this storyline -- acting skill, heart, what feels like passionate commitment to do the best job they possibly can.  No wonder Dennis G. gets exhausted at the end of a day when they've shot lots of scenes with Roman in them -- he puts everything into it, throws himself completely into the role.  Much love for how the actors are handling the storyline, as much trepidation as it's giving me.

I haven't seen the clips from today's episode of Verbotene Liebe, and have been close to watching the entire episode all evening.  Well, it will be free for a few more days.  Added: I watched it Saturday evening, and fast-forwarded through some of the von Lahnstein scenes.  Olli was in some scenes, talking to Andi.  Christian was in some scenes with David, Nico, and a couple of random von Lahnsteins.  As far as I could tell, considering my fast-forwarding, there weren't any scenes with Olli and Christian together.  The guys seemed like they basically had spear-carrier parts today, though they both had a little dialogue with the other characters in their scenes.

Friday's episode introduced Joan Collins as a guest star.  I'm not sure quite where they're planning to go with that -- if it's to attract German fans of American soap operas, or add a little glamour to the Schloss von Lahnstein, or both.  She's speaking English, and the people around her presumably will be as well, so that's a bonus for me.  I know that Jo is especially fluent in English, and Thore is quite fluent as well.  Olli's time working on cruise ships would be a great rationale for English fluency on his part.  B. tells me that every student in Germany takes English in school, and I'm sure all the actors on Verbotene Liebe speak it reasonably well.  Charlie is pretty worldly, and the von Lahnsteins presumably do business worldwide.  I was watching to see what they'd do when she spoke English, and they put German subtitles at the bottom of the screen.  Quite the reversal from what I'm used to.  I should be able to see how to spell some German words now.  I'll progress from knowing some spoken German and having kind of an idea of how to write it to learning written German from hearing the corresponding English words spoken.  Who said soap operas weren't educational?
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