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I went to bed at 12-something, I think, and woke up at 7:00 a.m.  If I take the melatonin by 10:30 or 11:00 p.m., it wears off enough that I can get up at a reasonable hour in the morning.

J. and K. are supposed to be coming to visit for a very belated Christmas celebration.

Mom and I made a quick run to the grocery store in the morning.  It was a productive trip.  I used a scooter since one of my hips was hurting badly.  I later took Advil for the pain, and it helped a lot.

I put in a couple of requests on the perfume blog's "freebiemeet."

Later: J. and K. and Morris made it here by noon.  We had a nice meal featuring a ham I stuck cloves in.  (Mom is still recovering from her broken thumb.)  Mom couldn't figure out if we had a bottle of whole cloves.  "Yes, we do," I said.  I was aware we'd had a run of not being able to find a bottle and getting another bottle.  I found "her" bottle in the cabinets above the microwave, and two bottles I'd gotten in my collection of baking spices.

J. went out to help Dad take down the fringe of outdoor lights Dad had put at the roofline.  I gave him the "Bah, Hum-Pug" knit hat I'd gotten for J. and K.  It's got a picture of a pug's face, with the pug wearing sunglasses.  They loved it.  I figured it would be useful, since it was very cold out, and J. has been bald since his twenties.  K. tried it on later, and it looked good on her.  K. has got great hair.

I showed them the various T-shirts and tote bags I had been getting for myself -- Widdershins and Hexworld items, and some Magpie Lord items, and a couple of T-shirts based directly off Lovecraft.  One of the more directly Lovecraftian ones says, "Cthlulhu for President.  Why Settle for the Lesser Evil?"  The other says, "Miskatonic University Library Sciences Dept."  I think it encouraged Mom into thinking that I wanted to go to library school.  Perhaps I should have gone to graduate school directly after I got my bachelor's degree, but I didn't, and I think the chance was lost long ago.  She was a librarian for a long time, and still volunteers for the church library.  Books are a hobby of mine, and I had a couple of jobs as a library assistant, but getting a graduate degree would be expensive.

It was nice to see them.  At dinnertime, Dad picked up a pizza.  Mom appreciated that I'd helped by doing the washing up after our noon meal.  I was able to be much more helpful than I was at Thanksgiving, when I was too exhausted by work to help in the days leading up to Thanksgiving and the day itself.  Mom needed the physical help more this time, although the meal was simpler.  Dad helped with the prep, and K. helped Mom some, too.  Once the Advil had kicked in and the pain in my hip was greatly lessened, I was able to help.

After dinner, I relaxed in the living room.

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