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I'll post more after I have a few hours at least into the day.

Later: I woke around 9:30 a.m.

I went out and about with Mom after she and Dad had lunch.  I had told Mom that I'd seen that postage stamps were soon going to go up to 55 cents each, so she stocked up.  After that, we stopped at the grocery store and CVS.  I had a quick lunch and then made it to an appointment.  It was a pretty productive day for me.

I called B.G. in the early evening.  She'd gotten a bottle of OTC eye medication for Mom when she saw it on sale at Costco, and I'd forgotten to take it home with me.  When she answered the phone, she said, "You forgot!"

"I remembered today that I'd put the walker in the trunk of my car," I said.  I said I could meet A.J. at the Y tomorrow, weather permitting.

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