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flowers and soap operas

Lost my sunglasses the other day, so I went to get new ones.  They're just the clip-on kind, so I went to Walgreen's, where I'd found the previous pair.  I got two, so I have a backup if I lose one of the new pairs.  Then I went to a nearby florist's shop to get flowers.  Garden club members are supposed to make two May baskets each to give to people in nursing homes.  It's a nice thing to do, but with the daffodils and tulips over, and the roses not yet blooming, it became a rather expensive proposition for me.  I got pink sweetheart roses and sprays of pink carnations, white spray roses, white stock, baby's breath, and leatherleaf fern.  The stock is really too big to go in the baskets, but I love it for its fragrance, so that will be a bouquet for the house.  I might break some up in little clusters to fit some into the basket.  I got oasis to stick the flowers into.  I called S.M. for advice, and she said the oasis should soak overnight.  That's not going to happen.  I'll arrange the flowers in a couple of hours.  D., one of the German-speaking members of the garden club, called me to remind me that the meeting was an hour earlier tomorrow.  I paused Alles Was Zahlt to take the call.  Looking back, I should have held the phone up to the computer speaker and had her translate for me.

Soap operas: Alles Was Zahlt had Roman, but it was mostly a Katja-focused episode.  (Well, in the EKP version.)  Roman is practically part of the Bergmann family again, but this time on more equal terms, not as just someone to listen to other people's problems.  I figured out that a fair amount of what I really like about Roman doing the trainer job is that he's the adult in the situation.  He knows what he's doing, and he takes care of his skaters.  Roman is really a multi-faceted character.
I got YouTube to take my first-ever comment.  I hadn't previously been able to post any comments.  It was a reply to a question by haesselmaas.
"haesselmaas Can someone give me a quick recap of what else happened in Show today?

@haesselmaas There was a lot of Zoe, but I fast-forwarded through those parts.  Richard was in there, but mostly with Zoe, a little with Ben.  Constanze yelled at Ingo because Axel had yelled at her, but later apologized.  There was some Axel and Ingo interaction.  I get about one word in ten now of the German, but I think that's the gist."
I suppose it was unfair for a non-German speaker to answer her, but I had watched it in the original.  The episode as a whole was heavily focused on Zoe.  I'm not even going to try to understand what they were thinking with that choice.

I just remembered that Dennis G. apparently reads the comments on EKP.  Well, that comment didn't even mention him.  I said on the EKP blog that my planning for the New York trip could be followed through the comments in Lisabea's blog, but I said nice things about him on there.  If I make comments on EKP in the future and can get YouTube to take them, I'll most likely say nice things about him and Igor.

I watched yesterday and today's episodes of Verbotene Liebe.  They didn't have Olli or Christian.  The episodes mostly took place in the Schloss von Lahnstein.  Tristan continues to be jealously in love with Helena, which one of the other characters figured out, though he had a convenient drunken blackout about that part of the evening.  The actor who plays Tristan does a great job of projecting a totally creepy vibe.  I don't know why he's so concerned about keeping his lust for his twin sister a secret.  It's not like the von Lahnsteins haven't had several incestuous relationships in the family before.  They'd probably be like: "You want to have sex with your sister?  No problem."

I haven't figured out how all the current von Lahnsteins are related.  Apparently it's quite complex anyway.  I think one of them recently had sex with his stepmother or sister-in-law.  Leonhard and Sarah had sex when they thought they were brother and sister.  I think even the Brandners and the Manns got used to the idea that it's just something the von Lahnsteins do.
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