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Tuesday afternoon and early evening

Went to the bookstore for about an hour. I was wearing my Soapfairy T-shirt, and explained about the event to the ladies there.  Sadly, I had forgotten my pictures.  I'll have to show them to H.E. and P.G., as they seemed rather interested.  I said right out that the event had actors who played gay characters, and the senior citizen women seemed to take it in stride.  I think some of the bookstore volunteers are more adventurous-minded than the garden club ladies.

Got to the grocery store.  Mom and Dad are off to a Phillies game tonight, so I got myself sushi, stuffed grape leaves, tomato and mozzarella salad, marinated mushrooms and artichoke hearts.  Giant has quite a decent antipasti bar.  I had a very good dinner with that.  Dessert was strawberries and pieces of watermelon.  They have a pretty good salad bar, too.

So far I've seen Alles Was Zahlt in the original.  Roman had some subdued trainer sparkle.  I'm sure I'll appreciate much more when I see his dialogue.  (Added: He was very sweet and caring with Katja.  I love that he's so knowledgable as a trainer, and picks up on things with the skaters.)  Axel and Jenny and Ingo and Marian all rocked their scenes.  (Added: Even without translation, Axel and Ingo were awesome.  Axel was so rude to yell in Constanze's face.  I like Constanze.)  The whole Katja/Ben/Isabelle thing is very tired, but at least it wasn't Celine and Zoe this episode.  I like Celine/Richard when Celine isn't crying or sullen, and they have their clothes on.

I'll definitely be watching the full episodes again this week, while they're still free.  There's been so much good stuff in them.  It's been all about the crack and sparkle, the angsty love, and the gleefully over-the-top goodness so far.

I agree with the EKP ladies that Norman Kalle, who plays AWZ's Oliver, is really sparkly lately.  The show should give him some good storylines, bring him out of the background more.  They could send Zoe to a faraway school for bratty children, and only have Celine and Lena on when they're not weeping or being kidnapped.  That would make plenty of time for Dr. Sommer to have exciting plots besides medical-related ones.

I'm very close to watching Verbotene Liebe in the original, to see if there are any quick scenes with Olli or Christian.  I've been considering that comment about how Christian isn't physically perfect because Thore is bow-legged.  (Subtitled clips of episodes 4/29 & 4/30, ichglotzutube's channel)  I acknowledged that he walks like a cowboy.  I just thought it was him, and that the stance and walk were sexy.  I didn't notice it as an imperfection.  It might be a physical flaw, but it doesn't detract from his attractiveness at all for me.

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