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I'll most likely have to work.  I should go to sleep soon.

In the morning: Apparently I don't have to work after all.  That's a nice break.

Later: Around mid-afternoon, I met up with L.B. and her youngest son at the video/D&D/etc. gaming place in her town.  I didn't get lost getting there, so that was good.  L.B. and I studied proper IV management and common IV solutions, and started on a long list of types of medication.  Antiangina drugs got several pages, while gluco-something, steroids and corticosteroids were lumped together in one group, and given three PowerPoint slides in total.  The antiasthmatics group mentioned bronchodilators, and then bronchodilators were done as a separate class of medicines later.  Also done as a group were sedatives/hypnotics/antianxiety drugs.  That covered a whole lot.  Also, some of those drugs had been mentioned earlier under the anesthetics category.

I was reading through the rest of the medication group pages while L.B. went to smoke a cigarette.  The gamers who were at the table next to the one where we were studying started discussing gender, which was distracting.  They were gender essentialists, although I heard one say, "I don't mind if someone thinks they're (something along the lines of 'differently gendered')."  Then they discussed religion, which some at the table knew much more about than others.

L.B. came back, and we resumed studying.  I explained to that my knowledge, "Adrenalin" without an "E" at the end was a brand name for ephinepherine, but "adrenaline" with the "E" was the proper spelling if one wasn't talking about that specific drug.

I got home at 9-something.

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