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the episodes I was waiting for

Well, I told myself I'd have to come back from ten years ago's episodes of Verbotene Liebe, and Olli as an adorable wide-eyed twink.  I wish I could find more episodes with English subtitles, or at least transcripts, but young Olli is so damn cute.  So I was trying to come back to the present, and into a mindset to watch Alles Was Zahlt.  I haven't seen the subtitled version of that yet, but it started out well, and just kept getting better and better.  I fell back in love with Deniz and Roman, not even understanding that much of what they were saying, but what I got of what they said was so sweet.  *spoilers*  I loved kareoke!Roman, who sang one of my favorite songs from a musical.  Added: I knew Roman had apologized to Deniz, but his apology was so sweet and heartfelt.  They actually communicated, and Roman was really making the effort this time.

Verbotene Liebe: I continue to hate Rob.  I'm very angry at Olli, too, for not being more firm with him.  *spoilers*  At least when Rob did his icky little dance for Olli, Olli remembered Christian doing a sexy dance for him, with Christian in a towel.  There was clearly no comparison.  Olli let down Rob relatively gently though.  He should have just laughed in his face.  Then Olli begged Andi not to tell Christian what he'd seen, and said he had no idea what Rob had been thinking.  As I've mentioned several times lately, Olli has twenty years of experience with having sex with men.  He couldn't possibly miss what Rob was thinking.  This storyline is making him as dumb as a box of rocks.

Rob even flirted with Olli after that display, and said Olli wouldn't have sex with him just because Olli was with Christian.  Olli sort-of agreed.  As one commenter said, Olli is taking huge risks with his relationship with Christian.  Olli is being shown as being really in the wrong here.  He's considering sleeping with Rob because he feels like Rob understands him, and because Rob could further his ambitions, aside from just liking Rob.  He doesn't appreciate what he already has, and could easily lose by acting like this.

Olli has had his share of one-night stands, even when he was in a relationship.  In real life, with partners who were actually communicating, they could negotiate monogamy or non-monogamy.  Apparently Olli has supposedly "reformed" from his days of having casual sex.  I don't think people necessarily "reform" from that.  Again, in real life, he could tell his partner he wants to have sex with other people too.  I don't know why he'd possibly want to go elsewhere for his sexual needs, but if he doesn't, he's really setting poor boundaries.  If Christian didn't expect monogamy from Olli, Olli would have slept with Rob some time ago, and probably would still be having sex with him, if Rob wanted it.  Things can't work like that in a soap opera romance, though.  There's being faithful, and cheating.  There's no room allowed for people to be polyamorous, which I think is much better than sneaking off to have an affair.  If the people in a polyamorous relationship are being honest with each other, and negotiating well, it seems like it would be so much healthier a situation than cheating and lying.


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