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watching more old VL episodes

I found more old episodes of the gay storylines on Verbotene Liebe.  I watched a bunch of unsubtitled ones about the start and early part of Tom and Olli's relationship.  I couldn't get all the wording, but I was getting the gist.  I'd looked up "Oliver Sabel" in Wikipedia today, and read about the early storylines, which helped immensely in figuring out what was going on.  He meets his Aunt Charlie for the first time -- Charlie and her sister Henrietta were estranged -- and they very quickly get on friendly terms.  At some point as they're first getting to know each other, Charlie asks whether Olli is dating anyone, or interested in anyone.  Olli says he's interested in Tom.  So nearly as soon as Charlie met Olli, she learned that he liked men.  She was a bit surprised, but took it pretty much in stride.

There's some trouble when Henrietta comes to town.  Olli pretends that he's dating Tom's sister Alexa.  The three of them have dinner, and Henrietta says she's so glad Olli is past the phase he was in.  She doesn't explain it to Alexa, but says it's "vorbei" (phonetic), that it's really done.  Olli replies that he lied, that he isn't really dating Alexa, but that he and Tom are together.  His mother says again that she thought he was past that phase, and he says, "Obviously (?) not."  Olli hadn't wanted to tell his mother because they'd just have that stupid argument, or words to that effect.  After that, Olli says, "I love Tom, and Tom loves me."  Henrietta later comes into Schneider's and blames Charlie either because Olli is bisexual or because Charlie encouraged him.  She definitely used the word "bisexual."  It was more like, "My son thinks he's bisexual."  (Olli has reason to think so, and events bear him out.)  Henrietta says that he can't have a family or be happy if he's with a man.  I think Charlie says that Olli is happy with Tom.  Olli tells Tom he's sorry he lied about dating Alexa, and Tom is surprisingly mellow about it, maybe because Olli had told the truth the same day.

Olli later comes to apologize to his mother for lying, then brings Tom into the room.  "This is my boyfriend," he says, with a mix of tenderness and pride.  His hopefulness is heartbreaking.  His mother refuses to shake Tom's hand and says what I assume are some awful things.  (Added: D.S. said that Henriette said that she could never accept the relationship.)  I'm not sure if she had religious objections, or if she was secularly homophobic, or both.  Clearly she'd been quite upset about Olli's "phase."  I note that Olli's bisexual phase has lasted twenty years now.

In show canon, Olli's first time with a man (presumably a boy his age) was when he was thirteen.  Judging by these episodes, his mother knew he'd had sex with men as a teenager.  Christian and Olli have been fighting a lot lately, but they had that memorable love scene at the end of March.  So from Olli's days as a twink, when he already had experience and was sure he wanted Tom, to now, he's acted on physical and emotional attractions to men.  He's had some relationships and one-night stands with women as well, also in canon.  At least on a soap opera, you can have a bisexual man saying that another man is the love of his life.  I think it happens in real life, too, although a lot of those real-life bisexual men later admit that they much prefer men.  It must be convenient for a soap opera to have a truly bisexual character.
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