neyronrose (neyronrose) wrote,


I went to bed around 1:00 a.m., after taking a new brand of melatonin.  I got up briefly in the early morning, but went back to bed.  I got up again at 11:00 a.m.  I've got to take that melatonin earlier.

I stopped by briefly at B. and R.'s, and talked to home health aide B.  I stopped at Staples to return labels, and then at a grocery store.  I have plans to meet up with L.B. in the afternoon.

Later: I grabbed a late lunch/snack at home, got gasoline and then headed up to L.B.'s neck of the woods.  I helped her study the nutrition section of her LPN course's first semester.  I went to a restaurant up there after studying, and then headed home.
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