neyronrose (neyronrose) wrote,


I am scheduled to work.  I'll be going in in an hour or so.

Later: Work was busy, but not bad.  The new housekeeper for B. and R.'s floor came kind of late, when B.'s visiting nurse was there.  He couldn't really work in B.'s room as far as vacuuming and dusting, but he cleaned the bathroom and mopped the kitchen floor and vacuumed the living room and hallway, so that was all good.  I forgot to ask him to bring towels, and B. called later and bitched me out for that.

I made it to Friday Night Friends.  It was a night in, art with S., the art teacher.  We had a mix of buttons in bowls to glue on canvas.  I did a pattern of pink, purple and blue.  I like the low-key nights when we have a quiet activity to do and can talk amongst ourselves.  YMCA-K. talked with us about possible activities for the next session.  It was nice to see the other folks in the group.
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