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I know, it's not even a weekday.  As I've stated before, I ramble on about whatever I choose to ramble about.  I can't wait to see Verbotene Liebe on Monday.  The teaser had Olli saying "Hau opp" (phonetic) to Rob.  I know that means something like, "Get out of here!" or "Go away!"  Apparently he wasn't too happy with Rob giving him the full Rob view.  I'm learning a lot of words I don't think are polite.  "Du kannst mich mal!" (also phonetic) seems to be a very rude way of saying words to the effect of "Bite me!"  Roman and Deniz say that every so often.  Anyway, hopefully even as dumbed-down as Olli is lately, he'll realize that Christian is right about Rob still wanting to tap it.   Much to my relief, it didn't look like that tapping would be happening in Monday's episode.

Some of the commenters on Friday's episode were appalled that Rob had body hair.  That I don't get.  I should have asked the actors their opinions on all the waxing or shaving they must go through if they show their chests or bellies in a scene.  It makes them look younger, I suppose.  Personally, I rather like a man to look natural.  As viewers of One Life to Live saw, Scott Evans was allowed to keep his chest hair, and looks very, very good that way.  Dennis G. apparently has now been allowed to keep a treasure trail.  That might have been because viewers really liked that look on Jorg, the actor who plays often-shirtless Ben.

It wasn't the case that male characters on Verbotene Liebe had to be all smooth ten years ago, but it seems to be pretty mandatory now, from a couple of the comments.  It kind of looked like Rob had a bad chest toupee, but I don't think he really would have looked better waxed.  I'm taking it as a sign that he won't be around long enough that he needed to be smooth like the main sex-symbol young male characters are.  The story is that Jo negotiated to be able to have stubble, even though he has to keep his hair cut very short.  So Olli's not clean-shaven anymore, like he was for several years.  I wonder what Thore thinks about being much more likely to get beard burn.  That's another question I should have asked.

Another of the commenters said that viewers should check out ichglotzutube's Part 249 to see what a man in a towel should look like.  Olli says "Hey! Sexy!" when Christian walks out of the bathroom in a towel.  I had to search through several episodes to see which one was that episode number, but it was worth it.  (It's January 28, 2010.)  I think Christian has slimmed down from the sports student/boxer's physique he had a couple of years ago.  His cheeks are thinner.  He looks good either way.

Added: There are more comments on the Friday episode of Verbotene Liebe -- fans had much to say.  There are a few people who thought Rob was really hot naked.  I don't get their thinking at all.  They were far outnumbered by the fans who were revolted, I think more by Rob's personality than his body, though most thought he had nothing to brag about as far as his body went.

There were a couple of comments about how Christian isn't physically perfect, that he walks bow-legged.  I didn't particularly notice Thore walking like that, but I didn't really see him walking around at the Gays of Our Lives event.  I thought it was clear from the more recent episodes, where Christian is working as a horse trainer, that he walks like a cowboy.  Apparently Thore learned to ride horses at a very young age, and that will do it.

Jo was saying in the Love Triangles session of the event that the fans get all excited when they think the relationship is threatened.  They're excited, all right, though not particularly in a happy way.  But clearly the fans are engaged and interested.  They care about the characters and they want them to be happy.  I think this love triangle will eventually work out with Christian and Olli back together, but that the fans will still have more drama and angst to get through.
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