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P. called a little before eleven-thirty.  I answered the phone, but I'd been deeply asleep.  I called her back when I got up about an hour later.  She'd settled down to cleaning her apartment.  She said she'd been up since very early in the morning (she has to get to work by seven during the week) and was getting tired by the time I called.  I didn't feel like distance driving today -- I'd just filled the gas tank at nearly three dollars a gallon, which is relatively high for this area.  She didn't want to go to the mall.  Neither of us were feeling like doing the mall, really.

I called E.M., the manager at the secondhand bookstore, to see if she was going to be there today.  She said yes, and that she'd been there until ten last night.  The store closes at five-thirty.  She could have called me yesterday evening.  I was up.  I went in to the bookstore for about an hour, and helped with changing the window displays and the "birthday authors" monthly display.  It's a three for the price of two sale if it's a selected author's birthday that month.  I put away three bags of romances.  We got some nice new category romances -- really new, like from this month and the last couple of months.  We were running very short of them, so I was happy to see them.

The third bag was mostly "family sagas," with a romance or two.  My definition of family sagas is that they're about the lives of three or four generations of women, with the men being fairly incidental.  It's all this "women in the family bonding together to triumph over adversity" sort of thing.  I've read some, but I don't really relate.  Too much estrogen for me, and not my experience of how women in a family interact.  I have femme mannerisms, but I don't think I interact with anyone in a "let's talk about our feelings" way, except if I know they're really into that kind of thing.  Very feminine women realize quickly enough that I'm not particularly feminine -- it doesn't take much conversation for them to pick up on it.

I went to pick up prescriptions, and paid for Mom's.  She won't pay for my prescriptions when she goes to pick her prescriptions up, but Dad paid for one of mine recently.  They're very different that way.  I mean, I owe Dad the money, but Mom has a "Go get it yourself" attitude with me about foods I like, and things like that.  I usually call her when I'm in the grocery store and have money, to see if there's anything she wants.  Of course I can do my own shopping, but it's kind of a weird dynamic.

I headed to Home Depot, to see if they had garden plants I'd like.  Their selection of herbs was very limited.  The basils were going to seed, and I couldn't even smell anything when I rubbed the leaves.  I think I have basil seed, or I'll pick some plants up at the Herb Sale.  They usually have a number of varieties at the Herb Sale, ones which have nice strong flavors.  Home Depot didn't have dill, which we all like with fish.  I think if I'd gone there a month ago, or a couple of weeks ago, I would have found much more of a selection of herbs.  They had quite a lot of annuals and tender perennials, and some hardy perennials.  I looked at the hostas, but I didn't feel like getting involved with collecting them at this point.  There were baskets with big plants or a variety of flowers, but I can put a variety of flowers into a big pot myself.  The zonal geraniums seemed a little expensive yet.  I'll compare prices for them, and probably come back to get a couple at some point.  I have about eight leggy ones from last year that I overwintered.  I'll prune them back, take some cuttings, and see what happens.  I expect they'll get some bushy new growth after they're pruned.

There were pots of begonias, snapdragons and some of the kinds of petunias on sale for four for ten dollars.  They weren't just little six-pack-sized ones, but looked fairly well-established.  I got a couple of the bronze-leaved and pink-flowered begonias I like so much.  I've had them a few years in a row, and they always seem to do so well, and look so nice all summer.  I got a white-flowered one with bronze leaves, which also makes for a pretty effect, and a white-flowered one with plain green leaves.  I watered them and all the other little potted plants I've gotten recently, as it was a hot, sunny day today.

I'll check at [large local independent garden center] to see what kinds of herbs they have, or have left.  I want to see what they have at the Herb Sale, too.  I always like to have heliotrope around, and the lemon-scented plants I collect.  


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