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I stayed up way too late reading and went to bed at 3:00 a.m.  I got up around 10:00 a.m.

A.J.'s sister B. had a bad fall on Thursday and hurt her leg.  I'm going up to do my nursing aide thing and entertain A. J.

Later:  A.J. had brought crutches up from the cubbyhole in the basement for B.  I had recommended that when I talked to B. in the morning.  Together, A.J. and I brought up a Rollator walker from there.  That gave B. much more mobility.  I had brought a more standard type of walker from home.  That one had wheels and tennis balls over the non-wheel bases.  Mom had probably used it last, from the last time she hurt her knee, on our trip back from Florida a couple of years ago.  I was on a walker for a while when I broke my ankle, but I think Mom had her knee replacement after that (?).

Anyway, B. had stepped in a hole in a neighbor's yard when returning from visiting the neighbor, and torn a bunch of ligaments around her ankle.  Some pieces of bone came off with the ligaments.  It was an avulsion type of injury.  She was walking around with a cane on Thursday evening and Friday, but then went to get it checked out, and the doctors said it had to be kept totally immobilized and not have any weight put on it.  She's in an air cast now, and as of today has the crutches and the walkers so she can keep her weight off that leg.

B. got herself settled with help from visiting neighbors and her husband C., plus some fetching and carrying from A.J.  I'd brought my perfume books and a bunch of perfume samples with me, and A.J. and I sniffed them.  We popped into the room B. had settled in to see how she was.  She had the TV on and a bunch of knitting project in her lap.  She sniffed the samples, too, and decided she'd also like to put on the one A.J. had picked to wear, Cartier's Baiser Vole.  I had gone with the sample of Sud Magnolia I'd gotten at Sephora.  I think it cheers people up to smell nice.

B. said that she'd been wearing the same clothes since Thursday.  I offered to help her take a bath, mentioning my years of nursing aide experience.  She said the house was made to be accessible, for her parents, so it was set up for people with mobility disabilities to get around and do their activities of daily living, including bathing.  I told her to give me a call if she wanted me to come up there and help in the next few days or weeks.  She said she would.  A.J. and C. and I went to the Red Robin that's a little south of where they live.  I took my own car, since I live south of where they live, too.  A.J. and C. got takeout to bring back to B.  I headed home.

I finished a story by Kage Harper.  One of the protagonists had Crohn's disease and was the male equivalent of a cat lady.  Mom has Crohn's disease, so I knew some about that.  Mom doesn't keep to a strict diet, though.  I try to avoid hearing about the graphic details of Mom's issues.      
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