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more posting of the Saturday sessions

More of the Gays of Our Lives event's Saturday discussion panels are up at Husky14620's YouTube channel (  The latest is the first two sections of the Love Triangles session.  Since Dennis wasn't on this one, there were a lot of gaps and pauses in the conversation.  From what I understand, Dennis was really exhausted from being on three panels and moderating a fourth, and needed to rest.  Also from what the Eskimo Kiss ladies say, Igor was "frayed" by that point, and had not yet had a chance to change any of his money, so he went off, originally with EKP accompaniment, then on his own with no money and no cell phone.  He got back for the evening party, with an "I love NY" sweatshirt, so he apparently managed all right.

The love triangle discussion went in some interesting places.  Thore and Jo discussed a little of the Christian/Coco/Olli love triangle, and Thore mentioned back farther, to the Christian/Nico/Coco love triangle.  Scott Evans said a little bit about the Oliver Fish/Kyle/Nick triangle, and said that Fish should come to Dusseldorf for an Oliver/Olli/Christian love triangle.  That's where the rumors of that happening started.  Fans started yelling "Oliver and Olli!"  Jo and Thore said that they'd had characters named Olli and Ulli together on the show -- the Olli/Tom/Ulli love triangle I've been watching lately.  Gregory Michael and fans said that an Oliver Fish guest appearance on Verbotene Liebe would make for great crossover fanfiction, which took the discussion in a whole 'nother hilarious direction.

You really just have to watch the fanfiction discussion.  Jo and Thore in particular were very familiar with the concept, and it was hysterical.  Then the subject got onto fan videos, which is when Thore said he'd seen some that were better than his showreel, and Felix said that sometimes they surprised him.  Both looked to Jo to supply the English words they were searching for.  Felix got his translation, and Jo caught on to the word Thore wanted.  On that panel, the German actors recognized Jo as the most fluent in English out of the three of them.  He was helpful, as they expected.  Dennis is extremely fluent in English, with that blend of German/British accent, but I didn't think he provided much help to Igor when they were on panels together.  Jo and Thore worked together as a team during the discussion sessions.

As I've mentioned before, Scott Evans and Jo had sparkly chemistry together.  It was particularly evident on this fifth panel, when they sat next to each other.  I saw one commenter who'd watched that panel say that Scott seemed fascinated by Jo.  Well, who wouldn't be?  They laughed quite a bit, and both have the most brilliant smiles.  I'd love to see what people have come up with for crossover fiction.  I suppose it would be at the No Limits fanfiction site.

It's cool to see the discussions.  I was there for them all, but I didn't remember the exact words used, and I missed a few of the comments which were very quick or not said into the microphone.  It's interesting that Christian and Olli were expected to be the same characters they ever were, just in love with each other.  Well, Olli had been established as bisexual before, but none of the Verbotene Liebe GLB characters seemed particularly obliged to play up any mannerisms, from Christian and Olli's story to the bits and pieces I've seen of the other stories.  Christian didn't change the way he acted.  Olli has been wearing scarves to establish him visually as gay.  Maybe it's a German thing.  I think that Olli being in a gay relationship, and known to have previous ones, would be enough to establish that he likes men.  I don't see why he'd need to have all those scarves to cue the audience in.

Anyway, even though Husky is just putting up the first parts of each panel at this point, to encourage people to donate to the charities and get the high-resolution videos, those sections of the videos are still well worth watching.
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