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The Friday Night Friends had a Saturday event that I got to very late.  I missed the hayride and the pumpkin picking, but had ice cream made with milk from the dairy cows on the farm.  I saw A.J. and other friends.

After that, I went to the library.  I hadn't known it was the book sale.  I was very broke, but looked around.  V. and his mom T. showed up there, too.  T. wanted the "learn Chinese" DVD, and was thinking about coming back for it tomorrow.  I looked at the DVD on cooking Filipino recipes, but thought about how I couldn't do that in the house anyway.  I didn't see books I badly wanted to buy.  I checked out library books instead.  I mailed off work paperwork at the post office, and then came home.

I had lunch, and then Mom and I went to the grocery store local to where B. and R. live, the one with the cafe, and got yogurt and such.  Then we went to the Christmas Tree Shop and found a variety of interesting things.  Both stops were productive.
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