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I worked.  It was a fairly productive day, all things considered.  B. did not like the ending of Fair Game, and wasn't into the "Choose Your Own Adventure" format of Stranger Things Have Happened.  Apparently that was way after his time.  I told him that that kind of book had been popular when I was young.  "I'm 79," B. said.  "No more FBI."  I was going to offer him The Mermaid Murders.

I showed him So This is Christmas, and told him it was the last Adrien English book, after The Dark Tide.  He happily took that.  Apparently he did like Adrien and Jake after all, or at least Adrien.

I got the e-book of Band Sinister, and started reading that after work.  Dad and I got gasoline for my car, then we went to Walgreen's so he could get a flu shot.  He wasn't in the system, so the folks at the pharmacy said it would take 20-25 minutes to put through whatever call they needed to put through.  I called Mom to see if there was anything she wanted at the shopping center.  I got her a bottle of sherry from the state store, and a quart of milk from the grocery store.  She had no idea what she was going to do for dinner.  There was a restaurant with Chinese and Japanese food, so I got eel sushi for myself and Chinese food for all of us.

I'd gotten the books I'd ordered from Harlequin, and a collection of samples of perfumes that I'd requested at the freebiemeet on a perfume blog.  I'm curious to see what they smell like.

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