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I worked.  I gave the print copy of Jefferson Blythe, Esq. to B.  He had just been saying that he had nothing to read, so that was good timing.  I think he was touched that Josh had thought of him.

It was a laundry day, so it was rather a long day, but I took it at a relatively slow pace.  B. and R. ordered me to sit and rest whenever they heard me wheezing or coughing or gasping for breath, but I'm much better now than I was the previous three days.  The bronchial inflammation seems to have gone way down.  I went out and picked up medicine for B.  It was a much hotter day today than yesterday, and very humid, but it didn't rain until the evening.  Toby the cat seems to have associated me with having brought in cat treats for him, and will show himself now when I'm around.  He's a handsome cat, light orange with darker orange stripes, and amber eyes.

I sorted out some books on Kindle, but other than that I didn't do much once I got home.
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