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I stayed up until 2:00 a.m. rereading "Tomcat Jones."  I should have gone to bed earlier.  Oddly enough, I woke at 8:00 a.m.

I worked.  B. had taken Tylenol PM and had what I have heard described as a "Benedryl hangover."  The nurse from the new-to-us home health care agency came for a visit.  She was actually a nurse/administrator, and turned out to be sort of interviewing and definitely evaluating me as well.  Perhaps she's the sort who is suspicious of someone who is sort of grandfathered in as a home health aide.  I had stopped for a lunch break at the time she came, and then she had paperwork for me to look at and sign, too.  B. needed help early in during her talk with R.  It took a while to get him clean and settled again.  After that, the manager of the place and a guy in a suit popped in while B. was talking to V., the new-to-us home health agency nurse-administrator.  I was exhausted, and I didn't even have an antihistamine "hangover."

I had gotten samples of five 5-star perfumes in the Perfume Guide 2018 from LuckyScent, and tried them after dinner.  At first I couldn't smell them, and then I could.

Later: I had texted with A. in the early evening about talking to him.  He said he should be able to talk at "the usual time."  The usual time is 8:00 p.m. or so Green Bay time.  I ended up on the computer downstairs with the phone upstairs for a while.  After I got back upstairs, A. and I talked for an hour and a half.  He had his saga about trying to fix thing after thing that was wrong with his car.  I had my saga of the last couple of weeks with B. and R., and how when I said to K.S. that as ironic as it seemed, sometimes I was the voice of reason there, she said that that was a low bar.
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