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I worked, and got a good amount done in a relatively short time.  I saw the nurse practictioner at the medical practice I go to.  As I thought, I have sinusitis.  I got medicine and then groceries.  I watched weather news.

I haven't mentioned our mix of garden plants and wildflowers in a while.  The coral bells bloomed for quite some time.  The blue mistflower is blooming around Mme. Zoetmans, and goldenrod flowers are in bud above them.  It's a beautiful combination, but I'm allergic to goldenrod.  The autumn-blooming cyclamen has a tiny pink flower up.  I think the flowers just don't come near the size of florist's cyclamen, that perhaps they're naturally the size of a violet.  The white mistflower is in bud all around the backyard.  A volunteer Rose-of-Sharon is blooming.
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