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Over the last couple of days: Newest miniature rose blossom faded to yellow-gold fairly quickly, starting with when it was perhaps three-quarters open.  I'm still cool with it.  I picked a couple of stems of the white lily-of-the-valley the other day, and am enjoying the scent of that.

Read more AfterElton columns.  Michael Jenson may become my secret gay boyfriend.  I'm not sure yet.  He gets hot-tempered if someone criticizes the columnists, but he does write a lot of good stuff.  AfterElton has been covering a fair amount about where gay leaders and/or the country's leaders are on Don't Ask/Don't Tell.  They're publishing letters from servicemembers who have been discharged because of the policy, which TeddyPig is doing as well.  When military officers get an "Out of the Closet and Into the Streets!" attitude, it's really time for the gradualist leaders to rethink their strategy.

Today: Windy and rather chilly.  Made a small trip to pay the phone bill, and to stop at Staples and the grocery store.  I got more ink for the printer, and another set of earbuds.  I have a couple of cheap pairs of earbuds which have very short cords.  If I plug them into the jack, I have to hunch over the computer desk to keep them in if I'm watching something online.  I got a Sony pair which has a cord a few inches longer, which is an improvement.  Watching the German soap operas is cool, though, in that Mom and Dad have little to no idea of what the characters are saying.  I just need to put the earbuds in when they go to bed.  They can still tell if the characters are yelling, the music is loud, or if there are explosions.

Speaking of soap operas: AWZ: Deniz thinks he has a great idea.  Given what Roman is like, it's probably not.  He turned down Andrew (pre-Deniz) for the same reason.  Deniz's whole face lights up when he's happy, though.  He's got a gorgeous smile.  There was only a suggestion of what was going on in the locker room with Roman and Deniz.  They've had far more explicit scenes there.  Considering that many viewers have seen those scenes, they could use their imaginations for that one.  Marc continues to bait Deniz.  If I were Roman, I'd be totally determined to keep Deniz, who has been a wonderful boyfriend this time around.  I would write Marc off as history, as Roman unfortunately seems unable to do.  I know there's angst ahead, and more of Marc baiting Deniz.  At least Marc doesn't seem as villainous as Rob of Verbotene Liebe.  The only bad things we've seen Marc do is say that he was going to steal Roman from Deniz, and taunt Deniz, which are bad enough in my book.

Celine and Zoe were both sullen this episode.  I continue to not care.  You'd think that Celine would have learned a lesson about birth control after the mistake that was Zoe.  Now Celine actually has a reason to cry, aside from weeping because Zoe is being bratty.  Perhaps the actress (Nina Bott, I think?) is pregnant in real life.  *spoilers*  From what I hear, several of the female characters are supposed to get pregnant.  Maybe it's something in the water there.  God knows that the water in the "pool of sin" must be bubbling with genetic sludge.  I'm surprised they haven't had some kind of Swamp Thing come out of that pool.

Verbotene Liebe: Will comment when I see it.  Really don't want to have to fast forward through half an hour of von Lahnstein plotting to see a few seconds of Christian and Olli, but I may need to do that.   

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