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Here's a bit of what Anthony Langford of AfterElton's Gays of Our Lives ( says about Alles Was Zahlt: "One thing I have to comment on is the way this show writes for its gay characters. They treat them like sexual creatures and have no problem depicting that on screen, whether in terms of provocative innuendo in the dialogue or the way a scene is shot. I’ve always appreciated this about this soap, and I wish other shows would take note."

That was today's column, but he's said similar things before, about how he loves that Roman gets treated like a sexual creature.  I agree -- I also love that the show treats Roman as the sexy man he is, and how the other characters are well aware of it; and that Roman and Deniz show lust and love like any other characters on AWZ do.

Will comment on today's soaps when I see them...

*spoilers* Alles Was Zahlt: No Deniz or Roman in this episode, but a fair amount of lust from Ben and Isabelle.  I can't believe he fell in love with her in two days.  It must have taken longer than that for him to fall in love with Vanessa.  Someday I've got to watch those old episodes, hopefully with a translator sitting next to me.  Annette spilled the beans to Ben about how Katja feels about him.  I'm anxious to see how that plays out.  He's been so oblivious all along.

Verbotene Liebe: Christian continues to be tactless, yet totally right about Rob.  Olli continues to be very dumb in this storyline.  Where have his priorities gone?  Why isn't he listening to Christian?  Well, the end was good, but didn't solve anything.  Christian made a reconciliation gesture, and Olli took it.


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