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I went to bed very, very late and got up a little before 10:00 a.m.

Mom and I went out and about after lunch, including to the library and the grocery store.  I got an eclectic variety of books at the library.  We'd been talking about going to Trader Joe's, but didn't get going fast enough in the morning after Mom returned from her Crohn's disease treatment.  She became allergic to the Remicaid infusions some months ago, so now she's getting shots of something.  Plus it was a miserable day, raining at times, not good weather for driving a distance.

I sent texts to A. in the evening, telling him I'd be working with B. and R. as an independent home health aide for a while.  A. replied, "You just can't quit those two, can you?"  That may well have been a "Brokeback Mountain" reference.   A. was happy that I was rejoining my dysfunctional little adopted gay family.  I told him my new B. point of view story about R.'s first attempt at doing laundry.  A. said I needed to compile my anecdotes into a book.  I said that J. and K. had been saying I should write these stories down, too. 
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