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I dropped off paperwork to the local office of the home health aide agency.  I told the staff person there, N., about resigning because I hadn't gotten days off.  Mom and I went to the opticians, and they found a frame that would fit my lenses.  The frame is metal and thin.  I'm not sure how I feel about it.  At least my glasses aren't falling off now.

B. is still upset about losing me.  We discussed options, but I don't trust the home health aide agency to ever give me the days off I want.  Well, I had enough empty promises from the home health aide coordinator who coordinates my hours.  It's given me a strong distrust about anybody in the agency accomodating me for the hours I want to work.  I started out in April, then found out a couple of days later that the previous home health aide had finished his last shift for the week before he went on vacation, then quit over the phone half an hour later.

I had told I.P. in April that if I was going to permanently work for B. and R. that I wanted to work five days a week and not seven, and that I had a couple of commitments already in my calender in May.  I ended up having to reschedule the May appointments and events I'd already committed to before starting to work in April.  I got two days off at the end of May, two days off at the end of June, and one day off at the beginning of July.  When I gave up hope of days off in August, I quit.  I don't want to miss my aunt and uncle's joint birthday party.

I got home relatively early, considering.  Mom was getting ready to go swimming.  I went with her.  The water was warm, but it was a nice relaxation.  After we got home, I finished up an editing job.  It's been a very busy few days.

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