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I went to the opticians about the broken temple of my glasses, and the fellow said to come in Monday through Friday, when their lab person was there.  I stopped by Hallmark and picked up Crabtree & Evelyn Gardener's hand cream.

Work was a little crazy.  R. decided to go to the hospital because he was in severe pain from constipation.  I did my usual tasks for B. and made sure Miss Daisy and Toby the cat had plenty of food.  I went home and finished an editing job, then went back and gave B. his dinner.  He got a call from R. saying that his system had been sucessfully cleaned out and he'd be home in a couple of hours.  I stopped by Wawa for dinner and then went back home.  I called B. a little before 8:00 p.m. to tell him to tell R. that if Miss Daisy acted like she was starving, it was all an act.  I gave her soft food, lamb, in the afternoon and evening.  That's why she was disdaining her kibble.

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