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I went to bed before midnight, I think, and got up for the day at 9:00 a.m.

Things were quieter with B. and R. today.  I brought the wide variety of items I'd gotten from the Walmart shopping I'd done yesterday up to their apartment.  Having a good amount of the supplies I wanted helped with my work.  R. still wasn't feeling good, but I helped him out as I could.  Hopefully he'll get on a course of antibiotics soon.  He was happy when I told him about some of the Walmart supplies I'd gotten for his benefit.  For B., I'd found crew-necked T-shirts, some in very large sizes, and got a couple of blue ones for him.  He liked the shades of blue, and that he had new shirts to wear.

I'd forgotten my phone.  I called Mom and let her know I didn't have my phone, and told her I'd be doing some more shopping.  I did that marketing in a town a little farther west than where B. and R. live, and then came back and dropped off things there.  I'd also gotten a couple of things Mom requested.  I enjoy shopping for others.

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