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I went to bed before 11:00 p.m., I think.  I was awake between 3-something and 4-something.  I got up a bit before 8:00 a.m., I think.

I dropped my paperwork off at the home health care agency office.  I got gloves.  The new woman wasn't there, but a young man I had seen in late April was.  I told him I'd learned how to fill out time sheets much better since then.

B. and R. were having their various health issues, and B. hadn't gotten any sleep for the third night in a row.  At least this time when B. said, "Look out!" I dodged out of the way.  I'd already placed chux under where he was standing.  Later he asked me jokingly if he should take a laxative.  I stared at him.  He said, "You can say the bad things you're thinking."  At least he keeps a sense of humor about things.  It's a lot easier for him to keep a sense of humor when the carpet doesn't get any stains.  It's a lot easier for me to stay even-keeled when I manage to stay out of the spatter zone.

Miss Daisy cried a little when I put the ointment for her ear infection into the ear that looked worse to start with.  She doesn't react that much when I clean her other ear, the one that started out a medium pink inside and is now a pale pink that matches the rest of her skin.  I think that one is pretty much better.  The inside of her other ear is still red or very dark pink.  I've been giving her a bit of peanut butter to eat after I treat her, and she seems willing to forgive me when I do that.

I got my work done, and headed to the OB/GYN practice.  I met another doctor, the male one in the practice.  Things were going quickly in the right direction on the question I had.

I think I'll go to bed early.
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