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I conked out a little after 10:00 p.m. Friday night and got up at 6:30 a.m.

Mom and I went on a quick run to the Amish market before I went to work.

Work was busy, but didn't take particularly excessively long like it does some days.  B. said he was nauseated and hadn't gotten any sleep, and he was dry-retching on and off.  He drank some Mylanta straight from the bottle, and that seemed to help him.  R. was okay, but when I said it was drizzling out, he seemed to decide he didn't feel like going out.  He had done some shopping yesterday, and I brought that up from his car.

It was the first time in several days that I'd put the ointment to treat Miss Daisy's ear infection into her ears while R. was there.  She stayed pretty quiet when I gently cleaned out her ears, as she usually does, but when I got out the ointment, she cried before I even touched her ears.  It's like when she barks when someone is at the door when R. is in the apartment, but just lies quietly under her chair when someone comes in and he's not there.  She's more animated and dramatic when R. is there.

It settled down after a while.  B. dozed off, and I finished up my work.  I went home and stayed there.  It's been raining quite hard, as predicted.  I dozed off for a while after I'd been home for a couple of hours, although I was sitting under a bright light.  I'll try to go to bed at a reasonable time tonight.
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