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I went to bed at 11:30 p.m.  I woke at 6:00 a.m. and got up for the day at 6:30 a.m.

I got to work all right.  Things were relatively peaceful, except that R. was discombobulated and upset to find out that Miss Daisy has ear infections and needs dental work.  He had no idea how he'd pay for dental work on a dog.  They do know a vet who will take payments on installment, though.  Miss Daisy looked very different after her grooming session.  She'd looked rather like a white mop or cotton ball, but was shaved pretty close for the summer.  I could see her eyes again, and her face was much narrower than I'd thought it was.  Also her legs were much more slender than I'd thought, but her body was as chunky as it felt like.  Miss Daisy definitely needs to get some exercise.  Also, R. needs to stop feeding her people food.

After work, I chilled at home for a little while, and then went out and about, including to the grocery store.  I met up with L.B. at the library.  She made flash cards for herself on medical terminology while I read through a Latin/English dictionary to find definitions of Latin terms for parts of the body and certain illnesses, and wrote the words down for her.  Of course I started reading random Latin words along the way, some of which explained a lot.  "Words are fun!" I said.  I'd had two years of Latin in high school back when, but kept up with it to some extent by learning the scientific names for plants and animals, and a fair number of medical terms.  B.C. was teaching a group in the library.  We said hi when she was done teaching.

L.B. and I went to the food court in the mall for dinner, and then met up with a group of folks who get together on Thursday nights to chat in ASL.  I ended up fingerspelling "forgotten all" when people signed to me.  I did learn the sign for "Latin," though.  I think L.B. learned how to sign "brain exploded from so much studying."

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