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Friday's soap operas

Alles Was Zahlt: *spoilers*  Well, we thought for a couple of minutes that Marc had left town, only to see him turn around, ready to steal Roman from Deniz.  They're trying to make Marc a sympathetic character, and he is coming across as not totally evil, but he doesn't care if he hurts Deniz in the process.  That's pretty bad in my book.  Deniz has been a good boyfriend this time around.

In other news, Axel is wildly stirring things up.  It's really livened things up to see him going against Richard, Simone and Max this time around.  It's actually bringing the Steinkamps and von Altenburgs together in Axel-hating.  Only on this show does someone threaten to blow up a building, and bring people to set the dynamite with him.  Axel remains the cracky comedy villain you love to hate.

Verbotene Liebe: I need hugs, and I have the feeling it's basically just the beginning of this drama arc.  Olli is still being dumbed down.  When he came back to town, he was this self-assured, experienced-with-men character.  Now he doesn't have a clue.  He's being far more self-centered (and willfully blind) than we've ever seen him this time around.  Maybe it will take a shock for him to realize how much he still loves Christian.  He said very recently that Christian is the love of his life -- has he forgotten that so quickly?

Christian is still trying to protect Olli, though Olli is oblivious to his need for protection.  You can see all of Christian's feelings on his face -- Thore really is a good actor, and he's getting the chance to show it.  Christian loves Olli with all his heart.  That's very plain to the audience, anyway.
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